Jea Kwon

Postdoc @ IBS Center for Cognition and Sociality


“What I cannot create, I do not understand.” - Richard Feynman

My interest is finding the link between the human mind and artificial intelligence. Either uncovering the secrets of the human mind or developing artificial intelligence inspired by it is all that excites me. During my PhD, my main research specialties were electrophysiology and animal behavior analysis. At the time, I wondered how the chaotic, asynchronous electrical signals generated by the brain’s numerous neurons could shape higher-order “intelligence” and generate non-random patterns of behavior. Now, to answer that question, I am interested in creating artificial intelligence that leverages the many interesting clues that exist in the brain. Wouldn’t that help us better understand the brain? I believe any crazy idea is worth trying if it can excite people. Even if the model I create is far from how a real brain works and don’t offer any performance gains over SOTA models, one thing is clear: the process of creating it is very enjoyable. If you share similar thoughts with me, I look forward to talking with you. Please reach me if you can! Let’s fire together and wire together!



  1. NeurIPS-W
    Transformer needs NMDA receptor nonlinearity for long-term memory
    Dong-Kyum Kim, Jea Kwon, Meeyoung Cha, and C. Justin Lee
    In NeurIPS 2022 Memory in Artificial and Real Intelligence workshop 2022
  2. CVPR-W
    AVATAR: AI Vision Analysis for Three-dimensional Action in Real-time
    Daegun Kim, Jineun Kim, Wongyo Jung, Jungoon Park, Mingyu Kim, Anna Shin, Yong-Cheol Jeong, Seahyung Park, Gwanhoo Shin, Ye Won Lee, Jea Kwon, and Daesoo Kim
    In CVPR 2022 CV4Animals: Computer Vision for Animal Behavior Tracking and Modeling 2022
  3. Cell Metab.
    Astrocytic urea cycle detoxifies Aβ-derived ammonia while impairing memory in Alzheimer’s disease
    Yeon Ha Ju, Mridula Bhalla, Seung Jae Hyeon, Ju Eun Oh, Seonguk Yoo, Uikyu Chae, Jea Kwon, Wuhyun Koh, Jiwoon Lim, Yongmin Mason Park, and  others
    Cell Metabolism 2022
  4. Exp. Neurobiol.
    Generation of Astrocyte-Specific MAOB Conditional Knockout Mouse with Minimal Tonic GABA Inhibition
    Jung Moo Lee, Moonsun Sa, Heeyoung An, Jong Min Joseph Kim, Jea Kwon, Bo-Eun Yoon, and C Justin Lee
    Experimental Neurobiology 2022
  5. bioRxiv
    Hypothalamic GABRA5-positive neurons control obesity via astrocytic GABA
    Moonsun Sa, Eun-Seon Yoo, Wuhyun Koh, Mingu Gordon Park, Hyun-Jun Jang, YR Yang, J Lim, Woojin Won, Jea Kwon, Mridula Bhalla, and  others
    BioRxiv 2022


  1. Mol. Brain
    Retina-attached slice recording reveals light-triggered tonic GABA signaling in suprachiasmatic nucleus
    Jea Kwon, Minwoo Wendy Jang, and C Justin Lee
    Molecular brain 2021
  2. Exp. Neurobiol.
    A Deafness Associated Protein TMEM43 Interacts with KCNK3 (TASK-1) Two-pore Domain K+ (K2P) Channel in the Cochlea
    Minwoo Wendy Jang, Tai Young Kim, Kushal Sharma, Jea Kwon, Eunyoung Yi, and C Justin Lee
    Experimental Neurobiology 2021
  3. Exp. Neurobiol.
    Ultimate COVID-19 detection protocol based on saliva sampling and qRT-PCR with risk probability assessment
    Joungha Won, Hasan Hüseyin Kazan, Jea Kwon, Myungsun Park, Mehmet Ali Ergun, Sureyya Ozcan, Byung Yoon Choi, Won Do Heo, and C Justin Lee
    Experimental neurobiology 2021


  1. J. Neurosci.
    Excitation-inhibition imbalance leads to alteration of neuronal coherence and neurovascular coupling under acute stress
    Kayoung Han, Myunghee Lee, Hyun-Kyoung Lim, Minwoo Wendy Jang, Jea Kwon, C Justin Lee, Seong-Gi Kim, and Minah Suh
    Journal of Neuroscience 2020


  1. Curr. Biol.
    Ultrasonic neuromodulation via astrocytic TRPA1
    Soo-Jin Oh, Jung Moo Lee, Hyun-Bum Kim, Jungpyo Lee, Sungmin Han, Jin Young Bae, Gyu-Sang Hong, Wuhyun Koh, Jea Kwon, Eun-Sang Hwang, and  others
    Current Biology 2019
  2. Exp. Neurobiol.
    Tweety-homolog (Ttyh) family encodes the pore-forming subunits of the swelling-dependent volume-regulated anion channel (VRACswell) in the brain
    Young-Eun Han, Jea Kwon, Joungha Won, Heeyoung An, Minwoo Wendy Jang, Junsung Woo, Je Sun Lee, Min Gu Park, Bo-Eun Yoon, Seung Eun Lee, and  others
    Experimental neurobiology 2019


  1. PNAS
    Control of motor coordination by astrocytic tonic GABA release through modulation of excitation/inhibition balance in cerebellum
    Junsung Woo, Joo Ok Min, Dae-Si Kang, Yoo Sung Kim, Guk Hwa Jung, Hyun Jung Park, Sunpil Kim, Heeyoung An, Jea Kwon, Jeongyeon Kim, and  others
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 2018
  2. Exp. Neurobiol.
    Development of a Low-cost, Comprehensive Recording System for Circadian Rhythm Behavior
    Jea Kwon, Min Gu Park, Seung Eun Lee, and C Justin Lee
    Experimental Neurobiology 2018


  1. Exp. Neurobiol.
    Orai1 and Orai3 in combination with Stim1 mediate the majority of store-operated calcium entry in astrocytes
    Jea Kwon, Heeyoung An, Moonsun Sa, Joungha Won, Jeong Im Shin, and C Justin Lee
    Experimental Neurobiology 2017


  1. Nat. Commun.
    The Ca2+-activated chloride channel anoctamin-2 mediates spike-frequency adaptation and regulates sensory transmission in thalamocortical neurons
    Go Eun Ha, Jaekwang Lee, Hankyul Kwak, Kiyeong Song, Jea Kwon, Soon-Young Jung, Joohyeon Hong, Gyeong-Eon Chang, Eun Mi Hwang, Hee-Sup Shin, and  others
    Nature communications 2016